Melanie Lowe’s “I Choose Me” Album Launch at FTV Cedar Square

She has performed on countless stages across the country. She has performed with international stars and had her songs played on every radio station in the country. She has won, and been nominated for, a South African Music Award. She has released several successful albums and since her amazing run on the reality TV show, Idols, where she was second runner-up, she has become a household name. Yet it seems that, only now, has Melanie Lowe truly discovered who she is.

September 2011 saw the release of Melanie’s 4th studio album to date, I CHOOSE ME. A far rockier, more honest look at her life through song, Melanie has stripped herself of all her previous personas and taken a deep, hard look at the woman she has become.

This year, Melanie became the first female celebrity to take part in a same-sex marriage after grappling to come to terms with people’s perceptions. As a household name taking such a bold step, she has laid herself bare to the public and has been met with much support and respect by not only the gay community, but the rest of the country as well. The title track, I CHOOSE ME, not only speaks to people battling with sexuality issues, but speaks bluntly to anyone who’s ever questioned themselves. A stunning, rocky confession with frank honesty, the song lays the foundation for the rest of this brilliantly written and produced record.

Co-produced by the legendary Tree63 front man John Ellis, the album maintains a far more organic and raw sound than her previous work. In Melanie’s own words, “a little more rough around the edges than usual.” Slightly less polished and far fresher than her previous bodies of work, Melanie has combined honesty with experience and created an album that speaks to just about anyone who has loved, been hurt, grown and changed.

All round the album is a new Melanie, a fresh Melanie and a far more determined Melanie. She not only has a brand new image to boot, but she has an inner peace that comes across in a positively fierce and focused way, and that is something you will want to see for yourself!

Come and experience the new Melanie and her talented band live on the 3rd November at FashionTV, Cedar Square, brought to you by SAMSON and Gaysure. Pre-book your ticket by emailing az.oc.ewoleinalemnull@ahsatan and stand in line to win SAMSON microphones and STAGG guitars! Cds and other Melanie Lowe merchandise will be on sale.

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