Time for Melanie Lowe’s Reckoning?

Venue: The Reckoning at Hard Rock Cafe

Time: 8pm, May 27, 2016

Address: Sandton, South Africa

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PRESS RELEASE – 27 April 2016


Take edgy rock/pop, combine it with progressive country rock/pop, add artists with decades of experience and what do you get? A sizzling musical chemistry that makes it simply impossible to look away.

Since her successful trip to the Idols finals, which made her a household name, she has performed on countless stages across the country and the globe with both local, and international stars. Her songs have been played on every radio station across South Africa and parts of Africa. She has been nominated for and won South African Music Awards, released several, critically acclaimed albums and is recognised by SAMRO as one of South Africa’s top songwriters. Vocally achieved, she is one of the finest singers to emerge from South Africa, and now Melanie Lowe is the new addition to local class act, The Reckoning.

A man who is no stranger to the entertainment industry, having been part of it for 42 years, Stewart Irving’s exploits include recording, songwriting, touring, television producing and TV journalism, but, without question, he is best known to South Africans for being the front man and lead vocalist of successful act, Ballyhoo, during the 80’s. Their hit, “Man on the Moon” took the country by storm and is still well-known and loved today. Hits like “Heart of Stone” and “Superstar” firmly established his solo career, securing his spot within the South African musical elite as a gifted vocalist and songwriter. He is also the leader and founder of The Reckoning.

Formed in 2015, The Reckoning include a whole host of veterans on the South African music scene. Boasting names like Mike Pepper, Sez Adamson and Peps Cotumaccio, who, between them play 9 instruments and have a total of 129 years in the music industry, The Reckoning is bursting at the seams with experience and talent.

They are one of the few acts that can boast 5 lead vocalist, each of which are quite comfortable with, and capable of taking the lead vocally, making live performances by this band a veritable vocal feast of beautifully blended harmonies and catchy, melodic music; and with two accomplished songwriters in their corner, the band has no shortage of catchy, original music to perform. Add talented drummer, Graeme Swale to the mix, and you have a collaboration of such sizzling musical chemistry and talent, it will have you begging for more.

Catch The Reckoning live at Hard Rock Cafe in Sandton on 27th May at 8pm and at the Radium on 28th May and experience this wealth of talent for yourself. Loyal fans certainly won’t be disappointed and new fans will be absolutely captivated!

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