About Melanie

Since her remarkable run on Idols, where she came 3rd, she is one of few musicians who can truly say they are a household name. She has performed on countless stages across the country. She has performed with international stars and her songs have been played on every radio station in South Africa. She has been nominated for and won a South African Music Award. She has released several, highly successful albums and she is recognised by SAMRO as one of South Africa’s top songwriters. It would seem that all of these achievements and accolades have been part of a journey; a journey that has led Melanie Lowe to discover who she truly is.

November 2011 saw the release of Melanie’s 4th studio album to date, I CHOOSE ME. With an edgier rock sound, the record is a canvas upon which she has taken a more honest look at her life. Through song, Melanie has stripped herself of all her previous personas and, for the first time, is allowing her audience to take a deep, hard look at the woman she has become.

Recorded in Durban and co-produced with Melanie, by the legendary Tree63 front man John Ellis, the album explores a far more organic and raw sound than her previous work. It is, in Melanie’s own words, “a little more rough around the edges than usual.” Slightly less polished and fresher than her previous records, Melanie has combined brutal honesty with her own life experiences and created an album that speaks to just about anyone who has loved, been hurt, grown and changed.

Melanie brings in one of her fellow artists, Krystle T, to duet with her on the stunning YOU”LL KNOW. Reminiscent of the older Indigo Girls harmonies, the track sees Krystle T making her debut as a singer. The song describes a friendship between an established artist, and a new artist, and encourages the listener to never give up on their dreams. The track is a wonderfully uplifting folk pop ballad, with an incredibly broad appeal. The two women’s voices blend together beautifully and the choir at the end of the song is enough to give even the harshest of critics, goosebumps.

Not one to let her fans down, this album is, in true Melanie style, an open book, lyrically, while the strength of the production is brought home beautifully by Melanie’s flawless voice. Vocally achieved, she is one of the finest singers to ever emerge from South Africa. Her range allows her to play freely in song and tracks like the opener, FREE, sees her using her vocal abilities as only she knows how.

2012 sees Melanie touring her latest album to all corners of both South Africa and the world. With 4 albums under her belt, Melanie is spoilt for choice when it comes to performing her own, original music, and with countless radio singles to her name, her audience is guaranteed to be entertained with an energy that is 100% Melanie. Loyal fans won’t be disappointed and new fans will be captivated! Her new hot, rock image coupled with an inner peace and a new attitude is positively fierce and focused, and that is something you will want to see for yourself!